The Top 5 Best Skin Whitening Creams of 2014

Fair and Lovely Skin Whitening Cream

Warning: It is important to point out that in the process of making creams and ointments that can supposedly whiten a person’s face, sometimes harmful and carcinogenic type chemical compounds have been added as an ingredient into the creams. Please be sure to read the labels and the ingredients in the creams first and understand all of the possible negative side effects before ever deciding to try them out. One of the most common ingredients in traditional older products of skin whitening products was to use Sodium Hypochloride. It is chemically shortened to NaClO. NaClO when mixed in normal water turns into what is commonly known as bleach. The 2nd well known whitening agent is what is found in the Teeth Whitening agent the dentist uses, called Carbamide peroxide. When you put that into the mouth, it breaks down into Hydrogen Peroxide. It is actually hydrogen peroxide which is the real whitening agent in teeth.

I realize that it is now the year 2014 and we as a human race should stop getting hung up on the fact that we all have different skin colors, but it seems like that somehow many people still seem to really care about changing the color of their skin. In general, most cultures around the world are trying to make their skins lighter, not darker. In the same way, if you ask most people and most cultures around the world whether they want to either be taller or shorter, most people would say that they wish to be taller. I personally don’t know whether people are just interested in trying to look more “European” aka “White” but there is a sort of concensus among the South Asian community, the East Asian Community, the Southeast Asian community, the Middle Eastern community, and even among the African American community that having lighter colored skin is better than darker colored skin.

I personally don’t just people on whatever they wish to do with their life, and if they want to do something to their body which they think makes them look more beautiful, I say “Go ahead”, as long as the procedure or product they are planning to use does not harm them.

Here is a list of the top 5 skin whitening creams of this year, 2014!

The Fair and Lovely Skin Whitening Cream for Women – Price: $7.50

Fair and Lovely Skin Whitening CreamDescription: So I know that most people these days shop online a lot and have probably stopped going to the large retail giant stores like Walmart, Target, and Sears because people these days have really started to focus on saving money. Plus, many Online stores often have much better prices on the same exact products as what is sold in the real phsyical stores. This was the product which has gotten the best reviews this year from the online giant Amazon. In addition, the brand “Fair & Lovely” has been a cultural staple in – Read more

The Fair and Lovely Skin Lightening Cream for Men – Price: $2

Skin Lightening CreamDescription: Scientifically speaking, for the human species, the male sex has traditionally tended to have the darker skin when compared to the females. That means that when it comes to lightening of the skin, it is probably more effective to use this skin whitening creams for the face on men than women. That turns out to be something that most people probably didn’t realize. When the brand “Fair & Lovely” first came out, it was bought by men as well as women, since both genders wished to have lighter skin – Read more

The Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap – Price: $6

Kojie San Skin LighteningDescription: Whereas before I talked about the Fair and Lovely brand, which is a derivative of the South Asian culture, this product derives its origins from the Far East Based on the pictures on the front label cover, it seems to be based on ingredients found from Japan. It is well known that both in the Indian or Desi culture, as well as the East Asian and Japanese culture, having whiter skin has been a cultural phenomena. I personally have never used the Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap because -Read more

The Swiss Botany Whitening Mask – Price: $40 w/ Free Shipping

Swiss Botany Whitening MaskDescription: Whereas before I showed creams and soaps which were blatantly marketed as a product which will light and whiten the user’s skin, this product, which is sold by the brand name Swiss Botany, is not supposed to be used as a face skin color lightener. – Read more


The My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask (from Wintec) – Price: $13.50

Arbutin Whitening MaskDescription: So far, we have seen three different types of skin lightening creams or products. You have the creams, the soaps, and the masks. This is the Arbutin Whitening Mask. Based on the one picture that is provided for it from the product page, it is made from Japan, since there is Japanese writing on the box. The active ingredient is known as Arbutin, which is derived from a plant species called vaccinium genus – Read more

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