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Where Is My Eyebrow Threading Salon Located?

There is none. What I do is that I live in different countries and create small businesses that are mobile and internet based. I have a 3 main bags, with one of them dedicated to my eyebrow threading business. Inside it I have everything I would ever need to thread, trim, clean, and sanitize. I […]

Adding More To My Services Besides Only Eyebrow Threading, Upper Lip Hair Removal And Underarm Hair Removal

I have been getting multiple inquiries through email recently from expats who are hoping for more than just the usual eyebrow threading. This has included underarm hair removal, waxing, upper lip removal, and even a message asking whether I do bikini or Brazilian waxing (Yikes!) Although I may be a little uncomfortable with the idea […]

Eyebrow Threading For Foreign Expats Living In Seoul, South Korea And Shanghai, China, Taiwan, And Japan

Recently I have been expanding my other businesses and that means that I have been traveling a lot more to other countries besides just Seoul, South Korea. In the last year I have also traveled to Japan and China, both for business reasons. From looking at the available eyebrow threading services in these East Asian […]

Getting Upper Lip Hair Removal Through Threading For Women

Something that a lot of people who go in to get just their eyebrows threaded never consider is that not only can their eyebrow ridge area be cleaned and trimmed, their upper lip area can also be cleaned. Yes, that annoying peach fuzz that you might have been teased about in Middle School can now […]

About Seoul Brow And Eyebrow Threading In Seoul

Welcome to Seoul Brow.  My name is Michael. I founded Seoul Brow to make eyes more beautiful, through Seoulful Eyebrows. All of my life, I have found that the most beautiful part of a person, woman or man, are their eyes.I am dedicated towards the perfection of my art and have refined my skill in making […]