Best Epilators For Women in 2014

Best Epilators For Women in 2014

Best Epilators For Women in 2014The 2013 year is almost over. As the leaves start to fall off indicating the ending of this glorious year and the weather gets increasingly colder, lets do a new roundup of the best models in the market. We wanted to create a listing of the best epilators for women in 2013 but we felt that since we want to celebrate the birth of new opportunities, we should instead create a list of the Best Epilators For Women In 2014.

The market or industry for epilators don’t really chance much. If you have found one great epilator to get your hair removed, all of the areas of your body that you want, then you don’t really need to look for a better, newer model of epilators. Newer models don’t really mean that they are better. Sometime they are actually worst because the designers of the hair removal devices mess with a good thing. The newer models can turn out to have a certain spinning disc design which causes an increased incidence of the skin being nicked and pinched. Maybe the newer models that are designed have metal edges which means that you can’t use the epilators on the bikini line anymore, or even on the facial hairs.

So in terms of the number of changes of the best epilators that are for women in the coming year, 2014, there are not that many new editions, or even changes in the rankings of what we think are the best devices for hair removal in the market. As always, you are always free to discuss, and maybe even argue against us on our opinions on what we think the best devices are in the coming year. We hope that you will always stay beautiful :)

Top 10 Best Epilators For Women In 2014











As most people might have noticed, we have really gone with only epilators of a specific design. That specific design is the one which uses the spinning dics model with the thin edges.

Spinning Discs Model EpilatorsWe present the picture of the model known as the Devine Hair Remover by the company and seller of epilator devices Emjoi. Notice how the head is designed to be used for not just any body parts, but even the most sensitive body areas. We are obviously talking abut using it for the bikini line, the underarms, the upper lip, the facial hair, and similar types.

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