Ear Cleaning and Earwax Removal Services In Korea

Ear Cleaning KoreaSomething that I personally love to get from my girlfriend and my girlfriend give to me is the simple, but very intimate connection of cleaning each other’s ear. There is definitely extremely special with the type of couple who is comfortable enough to let each other be vulnerable to each other in another way.

For me, I have always loved the experience of putting my head on my mother’s lap and letting her slowing go through my ear canal with a q-tip or thin spoon to clean my ear.

For my girlfriend, it is the same. Her mother used to clean her ear too with small utensils. It is deeply intimate.

In Japan, ear cleaning was allowed as a non-medical procedure back in 2007 and that allowed for a new niche of service provider business. A few hundred ear cleaning parlors sprung up. The device most well known and associated with ear cleaning is called the Mimikaki or Ear-Rakes. They look like little thin spoons. If you go to almost any convenience store in Japan, you would find at least a few different styles of Mimikaki. There are even niche pharmacy store which have dozens of shapes of Mimikaki. When you go into one of these parlors, you go there to relax. The person puts a towel over your forehead and then works on the ear canal, from the outside inwards. One of the most well known Japan based ear cleaning stores is the Yamamoto Mimikaki-ten.

While most of the people who go are men, they often fall asleep during the service. It is a place where you feel like a real connection was made. There is a definite soothing and healing aspect to the act of getting one’s ear cleaned by another person. In Japan, the basic service lasts about 30 minutes and cost around $30 USD. There is even tea served before and after the service. The service is done while putting one’s head on a person’s lap.

In India, there is an profession of almost now extinct Ear Cleaners who go around offering their services to clean other people’s ear. They have 4 basic tools. They are…

  1. Tweezers
  2. Thin needle
  3. Thin rake
  4. Q-Tip

As for South Korea, they follow a similar practice as the Japanese. Most often, the mother is the one who goes around cleaning her children’s and her husband’s ear.

Here at Seoulbrow, we have recently decided to offer that service of ear cleaning to all of our clients. After our clients get the usual service of eyebrow threading, we

Similar to the Indian Ear Cleaners, the tools we use are more sophisticated. We generally do not use a Q-Tip since that usually pushes the earwax further into the ear, instead of removing them.

The basic fee for ear cleaning is 25,000 and it lasts usually 20 minutes.

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