Eyebrow Threading Salon in Shanghai

Eyebrow Threading Salon in Shanghai

Eyebrow Threading Salon in ShanghaiThe city of Shanghai is one of the largest, most cosmopolitan cities in the world and it is the financial capital of China. Currently the city of Shanghai is broken apart into two parts, the older Puxi region and the newer Pudong region.

My location is in the Pudong region, close to the Bund. For the exact address I wrote about it in my Eyebrow Threading In Shanghai post.


Shimao Riviera Garden Apartments, Building #6, Pudong, Shanghai

  • Address & Directions: at the corner of weifang road and puming road

Contact Information: [email protected]

  • Skype #: +1 425 502 6940 (If I am not there, leave a voicemail)

Update: I have decided to create a new website for my services which will be in Shanghai. It is named Shanghai Brow. To get to the Shanghai Brow website, Click Here!

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For a tutorial on how to possibly do threading on yourself at home, watch the video below

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