Getting Eye and Feet Massages In Seoul and Korea

Recently I got in touch with a pair of very strong electronic massagers. They are very good in helping relieve the stress and pain in the body. There is the stronger model, which is the bigger one. The smaller one has actually been rated to be better than the bigger one since it seems to be able to pinpoint very exact areas of the body to work on.

The fee to get 30 minutes of feet massage is just 20,000 korean won. For the full hour, it is 35,000 korean won.

Besides just getting the usual feet massage, we can also offer acupressure and eye massages. Giving eye massages is something that I learned from my grandmother when I was very little. While the general focus is on the temporal area of the skull, there is also emphasize on the area around the eye, and even  on the cheek area of the face. A good eye massage is great for stress relief.


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