Health Concerns

It is important to note that the art and practice of Eyebrow Threading is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of hair from the skin. There is often an element of small pain in the process. Most people have found that the left side of the face of the left eyebrow is more sensitive to pain than the right. After the threading is through, the skin around the area will be slightly red from swelling, which will subside in just a couple of hours. One could apply some compression or ice to reduce the swelling and redness but that is not needed

The practice overall is safer than waxing and plucking, which can lead to skin irritation. All thread that I use is never reused and the conditions that I operate in is always sanitary and kept to the highest level of cleaniness. Disinfectant and alcohol swaps are provided to reduce any chances of infection.

I treat everyone one of my clients with care and will do everything possible to make them feel comfortable through the process. It is important that the treading is done in a well light place and the client is laying down comfortably with their head rested tilted back.