The art of eyebrow threading has been done for over hundreds of years. It is believed that the art originated either from India or the Middle East. In Persian, or Modern day Iran, there is a tradition where the women in a family are taught the skill who they eventually pass down to their daughters.

Throughout the ages, the skill was eventually learned and across the distances and different lands like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and and Egypt where they  have also learned to use the art in everyday places. Many local stores in these countries have someone who can perform the cosmetic art for only a fraction of the cost done in other countries.

The UK has been exposed to the art for  many centuries from its large South Asian and Middle Eastern population. Most downtown areas of the UK would have a shop dedicated to the art as well as other local cultural traditions.

The art was introduced to the US almost two decades ago and since then the practice has grown in popularity. It has grown to be considered extremely popular and used often by men and women in other countries as well. Celebrities are even using threading, which is causing it to get massive attention in recent years.

Along with the traditional skin ink design art form called Henna, eyebrow threading has been become a new unique, and beautiful way to personal cosmetics and beauty treatment as well as a way to express one’s individuality. Now, one can almost now go into any mall in the developed Western Countries like US, UK, or Canada and find a store that does both Henna and Eyebrow Threading.