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I am an American guy who came to Seoul, South Korea and loved the country and decided to stay to start Seoul Brow, the first Eyebrow Threading company in South Korea

The art of eyebrow threading has been practiced in ancient cultures like India, Pakistan, and Iran for many centuries by young and old females of the family who learn this unique art form.

We have found multiple pictures of the before and after pictures of people who have had their eyebrows threaded or trimmed. Notice the difference in how they look after the session

The practice of eyebrow threading is hygenic and safe. The cotton used is 100% natural cotton so it will be irritating the skin

Like most eyebrow threading locations, we also offer the service of doing henna tattoos in not only the traditional red color dye, but also more fun blue and green coloring.

So where else around the world can you get eyebrow threading done if you are outside of the country and looking for a location? Find out Here!

So what is eyebrow threading? How is it done and is it painful?

Where Is My Eyebrow Threading Salon Located?

There is none. What I do is that I live in different countries and create small businesses that are mobile and internet based. I have a 3 main bags, with one of them dedicated to my eyebrow threading business. Inside it I have everything I would ever need to thread, trim, clean, and sanitize.

I don’t have a salon so if you would like to meet me to get your eyebrows, upper lips, or underarms done just fill out the form. I live in officetels  in Seoul, apartments in Shanghai, and guest houses in Kyoto. I have no place to you can go to, but there is always a sunny rooftop with a swing or sofa you can lie and relax on while I work on your face to give you the eyebrows you are hoping for.

Alternatively, I will come by at the exact time and location you have specified with everything already prepared, be courteous and professional, and get the job done to your exact desires.

I am a traveling vagabond with a love for creating small businesses that help serve a special niche or group of people around the world.

Adding More To My Services Besides Only Eyebrow Threading, Upper Lip Hair Removal And Underarm Hair Removal

url-5I have been getting multiple inquiries through email recently from expats who are hoping for more than just the usual eyebrow threading. This has included underarm hair removal, waxing, upper lip removal, and even a message asking whether I do bikini or Brazilian waxing (Yikes!)

Although I may be a little uncomfortable with the idea of doing say a full Brazilian on a client, I have done upper lip hair removal before so I guess I will include that service. Underarm hair removal can also be done although I have found that it is rather hard to find good waxing accessories and products in these East Asian countries. I guess the phenomenon of waxing is not popular or done much due to a cultural aspect.

Note: As always, if I am going to be going to the client’s location, a small fee of 3,000 won will be added to the services’ cost to for traveling expenses within the city limits. It might be higher if I need to travel further away.

So these are the services which I have decided to add since they are really simple and easy to perform…

Upper Lip Hair Removal – That can be done easily for 3,000 won more (which is around $2.75 USD) if asked for when included with the standard eyebrow threading session. 5,000 won if asked for alone.

Underarm Hair Removal – If done just by itself it will be only 15,000 won but it is combined with the standard eyebrow threading it would only cost 10,000 more. (total cost: 35,000 won)

Partial Bikini Waxing – This service is available for 35,000 won. All discretion is taken to ensure the client’s privacy. I am very professional about my conduct. Hygiene is very important to keep everything clean and sanitary. For more information on the topic of Bikini Waxing, click HERE.

Brazilian Waxing – I personally don’t perform this service but I do know a few places in the Itaewon area which do offer this service. Just give me a message through the application form or through email and I will be happy to tell you where you can get it done.

Eyebrow Threading For Foreign Expats Living In Seoul, South Korea And Shanghai, China, Taiwan, And Japan

Recently I have been expanding my other businesses and that means that I have been traveling a lot more to other countries besides just Seoul, South Korea. In the last year I have also traveled to Japan and China, both for business reasons.

From looking at the available eyebrow threading services in these East Asian countries I realize that there is a small market of people who really want these services. I know that I personally have a need to always have a well trimmed face to feel and look great.

So far these are the cities that I have been to and which I would be willing to offer my services.

  • Eyebrow Threading in Busan, South Korea
  • Eyebrow Threading in Shanghai, China
  • Eyebrow Threading in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Eyebrow Threading in Kyoto, Japan
  • Eyebrow Threading in Kumamoto, Japan

The degree at which I travel between the countries is usually once every 3 months to check up on businesses and partnerships I am involved in.

If you are an expat or speak only English I would like to offer my services to help to make you more beautiful.


Getting Upper Lip Hair Removal Through Threading For Women

url-2Something that a lot of people who go in to get just their eyebrows threaded never consider is that not only can their eyebrow ridge area be cleaned and trimmed, their upper lip area can also be cleaned. Yes, that annoying peach fuzz that you might have been teased about in Middle School can now be remove. Upper lip hair removal is now offered in many salons and clinics in the world.

The prevalent of upper lip hair can be considered unsightly and not aesthetically appealing for some women so they often take the procedure of using a type of razor to shave their upper lip just like what so many men would try to do for their moustaches and beards.

However it is more common that the women would find that the razor is not good for the skin causing irritation and red marks.

Through threading using the gentle, cotton thread any hair on the upper lip can be removed quickly and with little blemishes on the skin afterwards.

Something to note for anyone who does consider using the threading for upper hair removal is that it is painful. Most clients have found that the removal of hair on their upper lip leads to a higher degree of pain than their eyebrows. This is because there is a higher number of nerve endings in the upper lip than in the eyebrow ridge area making the area more sensitive to irritation or any type of stimuli.

Also this is because the eyebrow ridge area where the threading is done becomes desensitized after a certain number of threading.

About Seoul Brow And Eyebrow Threading In Seoul

Welcome to Seoul Brow.  My name is Michael. I founded Seoul Brow to make eyes more beautiful, through Seoulful Eyebrows. All of my life, I have found that the most beautiful part of a person, woman or man, are their eyes.I am dedicated towards the perfection of my art and have refined my skill in making the eyebrows of everyone of my clients look beautiful.

People often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The eyebrows are then the drapes that can only accentuate the qualities of the person, of what is already in the eyes, the soul of the person. With the Seoulful Eyebrows, you  give yourself the ability shine your radiant inner core and letting other people admire your inner beauty.

I learned how to do eyebrow threading from a beautiful female friend from the ancient, almost mystical country of Nepal located in the Himalayan Mountains, a small nation in between the two lands of China and India. She was caring and generous enough to teach me this ancient secret of cosmetic art which was originally derived from India and Arabia.

Since I am Chinese, and I am in South Korea, I view this transmission of art and knowledge as similar to the ancient transportation path the Silk Road where precious knowledge and goods are transmitted towards the East, only now the main product is a service to make people beautiful and feel wonderful about themselves. Always striving towards beauty.