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I am an American guy who came to Seoul, South Korea and loved the country and decided to stay to start Seoul Brow, the first Eyebrow Threading company in South Korea

The art of eyebrow threading has been practiced in ancient cultures like India, Pakistan, and Iran for many centuries by young and old females of the family who learn this unique art form.

We have found multiple pictures of the before and after pictures of people who have had their eyebrows threaded or trimmed. Notice the difference in how they look after the session

The practice of eyebrow threading is hygenic and safe. The cotton used is 100% natural cotton so it will be irritating the skin

Like most eyebrow threading locations, we also offer the service of doing henna tattoos in not only the traditional red color dye, but also more fun blue and green coloring.

So where else around the world can you get eyebrow threading done if you are outside of the country and looking for a location? Find out Here!

So what is eyebrow threading? How is it done and is it painful?

Review Of Epilady EP-803-17 Face Epil Epilator

Review Of Epilady EP-803-17 Face Epil Epilator

Review Of Epilady EP-803-17 Face Epil EpilatorThe Epilady EP-803-17 Face Epil Epilator is one of those epilator models which seems to be used only for the face and facial hair. Looking at just the tip or the head, we can see that there is maybe only 4 tweezer heads or spinning discs. This model sold by Epilady is definitely not for the use on the body since it would take too long to remove all the hairs in the torso or leg.

Product Specifications

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My Review

This model seems to be called the Epilady Face Epil Epilator. I did manage to find the Epilady webpage which describes this model Here. This model is definitely only for facial hair removal, specifically around the upper lip and chin area. There is the claim that you can use it on the other sensitive areas of the body like the underarm and the bikini line area but I am sure if a person should use this type of model on those regions.

As for the number of tweezers, the product specs reveal that this model actually has 6 tweezer heads. The tweezers are said to be good for pulling out hair that are both coarse and thick and thin hair. It operates on just 1 AA battery which is not included with the epilator kit.

Before you plan to use the Face Epil Epilator by Epilady it is highly recommended that you wash the face area clean to remove makeup, dirt, and excess skin cells. When you do start epilating you always want to go in the direction against the growth of the hair for the optimal hair removal. After you have finished using the device, you want to not put any type of creams or moisturizer for at least 30-60 minutes. This is supposed to prevent the hair shafts from becoming clogged. The hair shafts themselves will close up naturally.

What do other people think of the Epilady EP-803-17 Face Epil?

This model does not seem to be very popular and the number of people who have something good to say about it equal the number of people who have some issues they have with it. There are not that many reviews but the complaints are already flying out.

The main problem is that this device just can’t ever pull out the hairs that the sellers claims it can. Some people said that the device even after minutes of use could not even pull out a single hair. This device seems to not work in hair removal at all.

I would NOT recommend this model of epilator. Instead I would recommend the Emjoi Emagine which has 72 tweezers and has always been rated to be among the best epilators in the market today. We had previously wrote a review on it Here.

Check out the Emjoi Emagine Epilator model here

(Or check out the Epilady EP-803-17 Epilator here)

Review Of Remington EP7030 Epilator

Review Of Remington EP7030 Epilator

Review Of Remington EP7030 EpilatorThe Remington EP7030 Epilator is another model from the series of hair removal devices by Remington. This model called the EP7030 has a longer name which includes terms like “Wet and Dry” and “Face and Body”. This means that the head can be used with any type of wet substance. You can pour some water, foam, or laterh on the head and the discs will still spin just fine. Not only that, epilators that use the wet feature result in slightly less painful epilation sessions. This model has that feature. Product Specifications

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My Review

When we look at the types of features this model has, it is very similar to the Philips and Braun models that we have seen. In terms of quality, I would say that it is just as good as the more well known models sold. Here are the features details about the Remington EP7030 model of epilator.

40 Tweezer Heads – The model has a slightly above average number of tweezers. This makes it attractive to choose.

Use it for Wet & Dry Application – You want to use it after a shower or bath where the warm water or stem caused the skin pores to open up slightly. The hair removal process should be slightly less painful as a result.

Skin stays hairless and smooth for upwards of 6 weeks – With the really effective hair removal, when the root is completely pulled out, the skin area can stay smooth and hairless for upwards of even 4-6 weeks.

Shining light in the middle – There is a light designed into the middle that allows for it to shine on the skin area. You can see much more clearly whether there are any stray hairs that are missing and didn’t get pulled out properly.

Flexible head feature – The head can tilt and pivot so that it can fit perfectly to the different curves and contours of the skin and body.

Head cap is angled – It seems that the cap or head is designed to be at the perfect angle is that hair removal is optimal

So what do other people who already bought the Remington EP7030 think of it?

There are not a lot of people who have reviewed this model. As for the people who did review it, it seems that all of them have been positive. Only good things have been written about the model. This might just mean that there are not enough people who have tried it out. However the good ratings on this model means that it is at least a good model to choose from. There will obviously be some pain associated with using the device. The fact that it is a wet & dry epilator model means that at least the pain would be reduced with the warm water application from the soap or water.

I would recommend this model. It seems to be very effective from the angled cap designed. So check out the epilator by clicking on the link below.

Check out the EP7030 Face and Body Epilator here

Review Of Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator

Review Of Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator

Review Of Epilady Esthetic Facial EpilatorThe Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator was probably one of the earliest models and designs for epilators back in the 80s-90s. The design of the head is what makes this model so old in design. We can see that instead of the spinning discs models that are so prevalent today the design from this model is using just a single spring. Let’s see what the features of this older model of epilators by Epilady are like and compare it to the newer models to see which one would be better for hair removal.

Product Specifications

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My Review

The Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator from only a quick first impression suggest that it is a very simple model with a simple design. There is actually not a lot of real specific information on this model. From the Epilady webpage on this model called the EP80310 we note that it seems to be intended only for the facial hair. This is just for removing peach fuzz upper lip hair, and any hair in the chin and cheek area. The head is very small, it is light at just around 3.5 Oz, and operates on 2 AA batteries which are not included.

Some tips that are given on how to use it properly is to always use it after you have just washed your face. This means that after you have removed any type of cream or makeup on the face, then you can use the Epilady Epilator.

Something else that is suggested is to get put the cleaning brush in some cleaning solution to make it clean as well. You want to remove any other types of compounds or elements which might make the epilation more messy or complicated than it has to be.

The epilation happens on the inner loop of the spring so you want to get the angle correct on how you apply the device. The idea is to get the inner part of the spring to get close to the skin so that the hairs will get trapped in the spaces between each spring rung.

Don’t hold the skin for too long next to the coil. The coil spins so it will eventually get very hot. Also don’t press down on the device on your skin. This would cause the spring to stop spinning completely.

These are all the tips and ideas that were given to help you get a better experience from using the device.

So what about the people who already bought it. What do they think?

Based on the types of reviews written about this model, it seems that the greatest number of ratings were on the negative side. This model of epilator is a much older design. We remember from the Wikipedia article on Epilators that the springs would stop working after a certain amount of time. After the springs are continuously compressed and stretched out, they loss the elastic material properties. This model seemed to also lead to the skin getting burned if you put the device too close to the skin for too long. The other major problem is that you have to get the distance and angle of contact between the skin hairs and the tip of the spring just right to get it to be effective in removing hairs in any way.

I would not recommend the Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator. However if one is very adamant on trying out this model, then click on the linkk below.

Check out the Epilady Esthetic Epilator here

Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator Review

Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator Review

Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator ReviewCompared to the other model number types of epilators, the Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator is just not as popular or well known. It seems that this model may not be getting the same type of popularity because of the lack of certain features found in other models in the Silk Epil 5 series. It is also lacking head attachments that comes with it. There is just 1 cap that comes with this model, the efficiency cap. Of course this is after we have done more research on the exact model by looking at the Braun website.

Product Specifications

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My Review

Checking this model on the Braun website which lists the model SE 5180 as available, it seems to be a lower model than the 5280. In terms of the model number alone that makes sense. When we look at the feature chart that it has and compare the features that are in this Braun epilator model to the others some things are clearly obvious. The 5180 is supposed to be used only on the legs while the 5280 can be used on both the legs and the body.

First, let’s list the exact features which both the 5280 and the 5180 have in common.

They both have the High Frequency Massage feature in common so the skin area that the plastic edges are touching get a good vibrational massager which relieves a little bit of the pain associated with one’s hair being pulled out. You get the cooling glove in both models. The cooling glove is added so that you put it over your hand, and then rub the glove over the skin area before and after the epilation session. The entire line of Silk Epil Epilators have been given some type of approval or recommendation by at least one qualified dermatologist. Both models have the Close Grip Technology. The intended result is that even the shortest of hairs can be reached and be pulled out by the root. The Pivoting Head feature is also part of both models. The head swivels and tilts in either direction to accommodate for the way the body’s natural curves and contours are turning. The other features like the SoftLift Tips and the SmartLight also exist in both models. As for the head, the heads are washable underneath water. The entire device is basically waterproof with a very strong and tight seal. In all of the braun models I have seen so far there is the Speed Personalization feature which means that you can adjust the speed of the epilator head disc rotation from low to high speed for different types of hairs.

Now, the features that makes these two models different from each other.

There is only difference between the models. The 5180 has only one head cap which is included as an epilator attachment. The 5180 only has the efficiency cap for the head attachment. The 5280 has 3, which includes the efficiency cap, the shaver head, and the trimmer cap.

The other thing that makes the difference is the color of the model. While the 5280 is made of white and light red, the 5180 is white and purple.

This shows that if a person is going to get any type of Braun Epilator, make sure to see which series it is and realize that for at least 3 series that they sell, every single model is exactly the same. The only difference has always been the attachments that are included or not included. What we should be doing is just comparing the prices of the various models sold by just one seller and decide whether the 1 or 2 extra different head attachments are worth the increase in price.

What do other people think of the Braun SE 5180 Silk Epil 5?

This model currently has around 130+ reviews that was given to it on its Amazon page. That is a lot of reviews when we realize that most people never come back to write anything in terms of reviews. When people do write something, it is usually something negative, to complain about a product. Based on the charts and numbers, only around 5% of people have given it the worst of ratings while around half of the people who have written something has said that it is great. When I looked over what the people who had the biggest complaints had to say, it seems that most of the issues that were brought up may be due to just bad luck and an individual getting a defect product. I suggest that they call up the sellers and ask for a replacement to see if the problem continues.

Would I recommend this model for the prospective buyer?

Based on the pricing that is for this model, which can range from $60-$90, it might be a little too expensive for most people to pay. This model only has 1 attachment that comes with it so I am not willing to give it the recommendation. What I would rather suggest to the buy is NOT to go with this model. Instead I suggest the Braun 7181 (which we wrote a review here) which is a higher end of the epilator series Silk Epil. It costs the same as this model but you also get the feature where the device can be used in wet situations. This should help decrease the pain you would feel from the epilation session.

Check out the Braun SE 7181 Epilator here

Or check out the Braun 5180 here

Emjoi Optima Epilator Review

Emjoi Optima Epilator Review

Emjoi Optima Epilator ReviewSo we have already seen the more popular models of epilators sold by Emjoi but this other model by Emjoi is one which I have not seen before yet. It has the model name the Optima so its full name is the Emjoi Optima Epilator. Just from looking at the way the head is designed, with the plastic fingers in the middle suggest that it would be effective in hair removal. However the closeness of the disc tips to the fingers and the edge makes me slightly concerned that it would increase the chances of getting the skin pinched and nicked by the spinning tweezer blades. Let’s take a look at the features this models has to see how it compares to the other types of Emjoi Epilators in the market today.

Buy it from Amazon here

My Review

It would seem that there is no Optima model of epilator by Emjoi. What is the real name for this model is the Optimax Epilator which is the Emjoi AP-98R. To read more about the review we wrote Click Here.

Check out the Emjoi Optima here