Services & Fees

restaurant-reservationsThese are the services that I currently offer. You can find my personal cell number above on the right top corner of the webpage.

I travel so much so much of my business is mobile. There is no office building or exact place you have to go to. You can come to me where I live but I do make house calls but an extra 3000 won charge is added to the fee for traveling expenses.

I do not discriminate on gender, race, religion, or creed. There is no gender preference for the art form so both men and women are both encouraged to sign up. For men, I also am very considerate of their personal issues with using the art . Everyone wants to be beautiful.

The Standard Eyebrow Threading Session Are:

(Note: All sessions range from 15-25 minutes long)

  • Women– $23 US or 25,000 Korean won
  • Men – $24 US or 27,000 Korean won
  • Children (Under 14) – $16 Us or 16000 Korean won
  • Senior (Over 60) – $18 or 18000 Korean won

Other Services Offered:

  • Upper Lip Removal: 5,000 won if asked for alone alone but 3,000 if combined with the standard eyebrow threading session.
  • Chin Hair Removal: 10,000 won
  • Forehead: 8,000 won
  • Full Face: 50,000 won
  • Sideburns: 8,000 won
  • Neck: 15,000 won


  • Underarm Hair Removal – If done just by itself it will be only 15,000 won but it is combined with the standard eyebrow threading it would only cost 10,000 more. (total cost: 35,000 won)

Henna Tattooing: – Using Red, Green, & Blue Henna Tube coloring

Our fees are based on size of the design.  So these are our fees…

If we are to meet the person at their location, we do charge an extra 3,000 won fee for traveling expenses.

  • Mini: 5,000 Korean won
  • Small Design: 10,000 Korean won
  • Medium Design: 25, 000 Korean won
  • Big Design: 40,000 Korean won

So Are You Interested In Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded? 


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