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Schedule An Eyebrow Threading SessionUpdate Nov. 7th, 2013: First, I wanted to personally thank all of the people who have visited me for threading services over the past year in showing that my crazy idea which I had early of 2012 to start the first ever eyebrow threading business in South Korea was not a completely stupid idea, which a lot of my family members and friends thought would not work out. I have met some really cool people from helping make people more beauty in the last year. For the few people who did visit me, you know who you are.

I am amazed at the number of people who have been interested in getting eyebrow threading or getting threading. Hundreds of people have gotten in contact with me over the last year since I started the business to ask about how they can get their eyebrows threaded and trimmed, as well getting Henna tattoos, Eyebrow Embroidery, and hair removal techniques. One of the most commons questions that is asked when people call me or my assistant is “Where is your salon located?”

I regret to inform the people that we no longer have a salon in the Gangnam area. After doing some careful calculations through accounting and including all expenses into consideration, we were not able to make the business profitable, at least through the standard brick-and-mortar business model. It was just too expensive. Based on simple economics, we were forced to change our business model.

I have been considering moving to the Northern side of Seoul, past the Han River, for the coming year. The new place will be around either the Itaewon or Hongdae area. This move is for business reasons and compare real estate space prices, so maybe there might one day be another real salon in the coming year.

As of Nov, 2013, if you are interested in getting a session, it would only be possible through filling out the form below. Please include your address information. Indicate specifically if you are interested in one of us to visit your location, or you come to our location.

This is similar to the practice of how Family Doctors (aka General Practitioners) have the option of visiting their patient’s homes . Canada’s Healthcare System and the physicians currently offers this type of service where the regular family doctor visits his patient’s home if their patient is too sick, or immobile to get to the hospital or Clinic. This is known as Housecalls. (Refer to the website MedVisit.Ca)

If you have any type of personal concerns, issues, or question please do not hesitate to call me or my assistant. One of us will almost always pick up the phone. We love hearing from your guys. :)

Our Contact Information:

  • Phone: +821065432998 (International) or 010-6543-2998 (Local & Korean) and ask for Michael (me!)
  • Skype #: +1 425 502 6940
  • Email: [email protected]

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