Threading Art

Eyebrow Threading About UsThe art of eyebrow threading is done with one tool, two pieces of one hundred percent cotton thread. The thread can come in any color but is usually white. The two threads are twisted together and one of the thread is aligned to the edge of the eyebrow to create the crease for the edging of the brow. The other thread is then pulled and both thread are then twisted around the hair that is to be removed. The hair is removed one row at a time. The thread pulls the hair out by the root, which can cause a small amount of pain. Compared to tweezing, plucking, razors, or waxed your eyebrows, the pain associated with these alternatives are often greater. Threading only pulls the hair, compared to waxing which can irritate the skin by pulling the skin along with the hair. Razors are dangerous which can lead to cuts and niks. Eyebrow threading is considered an extremely effective hair removal treatment, as opposed to tweezing or waxing.

Threading is preferred over plucking due to the wrinkles that can be caused by excessive tweezer plucking. These wrinkles are caused because of the tension of pulling the hair out from the root irritates the hair follicle and the surrounding skin. It is easier to get the desired shape of the eyebrow through threading. This offers a more natural look.

Threading can be used on any part of your face where you have undesired hair. It is quite effective in dealing with hair that is above your lip, the back of the neck, and even chin. This treatment has the advantage of not using any harsh chemical whatsoever. As desirable as this process is, it is not suggested that you do this yourself at home. There is a specific type of training that must be done by a professional to learn the technique properly.

This service, combined with many additional services that I offer, is a must for anyone who is planning on going to any upcoming special events like a wedding, prom, social gathering, or birthday celebration. Eyebrow threading takes an average amount of around 10-20 minutes depending on each individual person and their desired result.

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